The “Total Market Dominator” Program for Brokers, Owners & Agents

Build relationships, target leads and convert opportunities with the eMerge "Total Market Dominator" program. Offering professional real estate and lifestyle content across email, social media and blogs each and every month, eMerge empowers brokers and agents to take control of their online marketing success, from agent recruitment to lead nurturing, in one easy-to-use platform with detailed understanding of who’s engaging and what drives their interest. Work with the eMerge Customer Experience team and take control of your online marketing success!

Each Total Market Dominator Account Includes the following plus so much more:

Facebook & Twitter Barnding
Social Media
LinkedIn & T=YouTube Branding
Tumblr Blog Branding



Social Media





Your Professional Brand:
- Your professional brand across your email campaign, Facebook
business profile, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel and
Tumblr blog.

- Link your personal and professional social channels within your eMerge
account to best understand how users are engaging with you.

- Email registration form builder with easy cut and paste into your website.
Your Professional Brand

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- One/two monthly email newsletters per month featuring   professional editorial content across a variety of selected   categories. Newsletters may be customized, edited or supplemented with personal messaging, open houses, etc…

- 1,000’s of custom email templates and images to create and send your own
email communication.

- Send now or schedule for a later date / time.

- Unlimited monthly sends for up to 25,000 email recipients.

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Social Media:
- Professional content posts throughout the week to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn based on selected editorial content categories.

- Systematic timing of posts for increased engagement.

- Ability to engage across multiple platforms with the click of one button.

- Ability to connect, create, schedule and post to multiple social channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
Social Media

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- Up to six posts per month featuring professional editorial  content across
a variety of selected categories (content tied to monthly newsletter content).

- Ability to connect, create, schedule and post to multiple blog channels:
Posterous, Tumblr, Blogger and Wordpress.


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- Detailed email, social and blog reports that let you see who’s engaging
with you and what content they like.

- 3x per month email reports sent to you with the ‘hottest’ engagers featured
for easy access.

- Ability to see how many users you are touching across your campaign.

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Amazing Support:
- Work with the Customer Experience team to create and build your online marketing campaign and gain valuable insight into how people engage with your brand.

- Gain access to the eMerge resource library of professional content, tips and tricks, webinars, blogs, videos and more to help you grow your business online.

Amazing Support

Add-Ons & Upgrades:
- English or Spanish content

- Text campaigns ($)

- Online surveys, forms and polls ($)

Add-ons & Upgrades

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